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Blenheim Oak No.1001
by Ian Fraser

Blenheim Oak No.1031
by Ian Fraser

Blenheim Oak No.1043
by Ian Fraser

Blenheim Oak No.1046
by Ian Fraser

Blenheim Oak No.1136
by Ian Fraser

Blenheim Oak No.1170
by Ian Fraser

Blenheim Oak No.1249
by Ian Fraser

These oak trees could be anything up to 800 years old, survivors from a bygone age. They will have witnessed centuries of history and incredible change and are now mostly in the autumn of their life span, yet they are still thrusting out new leaves every year although their trunks have been virtually hollowed out.

I was attracted to these trees not only because of their great age and history but also visually. Their trunks have fantastic texture and form, the longer you look at them you start to see all sorts of faces and figures in the bark.

 All of the oak trees in this series are in the grounds of Blenheim Palace and each tree is numbered with a metal tag.  I thought it would be really interesting if people were able to find the trees to see them at different times of year, in different light and to see how they change over time as these prints are a record of how the trees look now.

To make it easy to find the trees, the certificate on the back of the frame has a map showing specifically the location of that tree as well as the location of all the other trees in the series. It also has the GPS co-ordinates of all the trees so they can be found with a hand held GPS device or looked up on Google Earth.

This is a completely new series of prints. They can be framed in oak (of course) hand finished with either black or rugger brown stain and beeswax and glazed with Conservation Clear glass that cuts out 99% of UV light. They are printed with pigment inks on 310 gsm fine art watercolour paper.