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I have lived and worked in Oxford for many years and have always been fascinated by the amazing buildings here. Some years ago I started thinking about how I could make prints of these buildings which would allow them to be seen in their architecturally correct form and, at the same time, preserve their fabulous detail. I wanted to be able to show whole buildings, and whole streets of buildings, in their entirety as the architect would have conceived them.

My speciality is a technique which gives the image a flat perspective like an architectural drawing but with photographic realism. I use the same criteria an artist would use if he sat down in front of the building with an easel and could see the image he wanted in his head. I remove the clutter, but I don’t put anything in that isn’t there.

All my prints are photographically originated. A few are from a single photograph, others such as the Basilica Di San Marco in Venice are painstakingly composited from literally hundreds of different photographs in order to achieve a result that is architecturally correct and retains all the incredible detail of these wonderful buildings. Some of the prints have taken years to complete and the views of many of the buildings are totally unique.

I made the Basilica Di San Marco print over a period of 3 years and 3 trips to Venice. The challenge was to produce a pristine image of this fabulous building having removed the queue of people along the front, crash barriers, scaffolding, people on the balconies and all the pigeons (except one!) while enhancing the different colour marbles in the columns and the beautiful mozaics. Many of the architectural features of the Basilica were salvaged from all around the Mediterranean so the columns include many different coloured marbles and almost all the copitals are also unique. The copper horses came from Constantinople along with the small figure in the bottom right hand corner. Between 300 and 400 photographs were used to make this stunning print.

All the prints are on beautiful 310gsm watercolour paper and printed with archival inks for longevity. The frames are glazed with Conservation Clear glass that absorbs 99% of UV light and the certificate of authenticity is attached to the back. They are all signed and numbered limited editions